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Award Winners of “Nutcracker” in Chernogolovka
Wartime Songs in Serpukhov
100th anniversary of Georgy Sviridov
The premiere of “St. Matthew Passion” by Hilarion in Kazan
World Theatre Day

World Theatre Day

Singer Kayatskaya gets government award
MRP's Choir in Kazan
Maxim Dunayevsky on air of Nashe Podmoskovye radio
Happy Culture Officer Day!
Maxim Dunayevsky gives concert in Voskresensk
Dmitry Kharatyan at concert in Voskresensk
Happy International Women’s Day!
Anniversary tour of Maxim Dunayevsky opened
Happy 23rd February!
Choir starts the year strong

Choir starts the year strong

State Academic Moscow Region Choir named after Kozhevnikov starts the new year strong, with a tour

Jazz reaches Moscow region!

Jazz reaches Moscow region!

On 13 December 2014 a concert titled “Triple anniversary – jazz elders turn 70” opened the 4th jazz festival in Zvenigorod.

4th festival “JAZZ IN ZVENIGOROD”

4th festival “JAZZ IN ZVENIGOROD”

Moscow Region Philharmonic
Culture Center named after Lubov Orlova presents

MRP's Choir: latest concert videos

MRP's Choir: latest concert videos

The Choir named after Kozhevnikov has had an extraordinarily fruitful autumn, offering the lovers of beautiful music plenty of gifts.

Watch concert videos.

MRP's Choir on its way

MRP's Choir on its way

State MRP's Choir is on its way to enhancement.

The choir is truly multi-instrumental, with its repertoire encompassing everything you might imagine, from classical and folk music to newly composed works. Rich and exciting artistic life of the ensemble continuously attracts bright and gifted musicians.

Azarov becomes head of State Duma’s choir

Azarov becomes head of State Duma’s choir

Nikolay Azarov is one of the leaders of choral art in Russia, enhancing and supporting rich traditions of choir singing. Azarov is the Principal of the Academy of Choral Arts named after Popov and member of the Presidium of Russian Choral Society. Since 2014 he has been leader and chief choirmaster of State Academic Choir of the Moscow region named after Kozhevnikov at Moscow Regional Philharmonic.

Now Azarov takes up another position – he has been appointed as artistic director and chief conductor of State Duma’s choir. Rehearsals are coming soon.

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