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Yuliya Pilipovich

Yuliya Pilipovich

Yuliya Pilipovich is a singer, actress, and MRP's soloist.

Graduated from Gnessin Russian Music Academy majoring in "Solo folk singing" (Ms. Shashkina's class).

In 2006 as soloist of Russian Winter ensemble performed at Russian Culture Week in Germany on behalf of New Names foundation (Gütersloh town).

Award winner of national and international competitions, such as: Students' Spring (2008), Guardians of Russia's Heritage (2008), Yesenin's Russia (2009), Optinskaya Spring (2010), the 4th International competition of Gorodovskaya (2010), Young Talents of Russia (2010).

In 2010 became finalist of the second round of Delphi Games and represented Gnessin Academy at the 1st Russian national competition of folk art. In 2011 became award winner of the competition named after Plevitskaya.

In July 2013 participated in the 4th International folk festival in Serbia. Awarded medals "In the name of Life on Earth", "For valorous labour". In 2014 won Grand Prix of the 5th International competition of Gorodovskaya, became award winner of International festival in Ohrid town (Macedonia).

From 2009 to 2012 Yuliya worked at Moscow culture folk centre led by Ms. Ryumina as part of Rusy ensemble and as teacher at the children's studio.

From October 2011 entered Mr. Sergey Bezrukov's team, is featured in the performance "Hooligan. Confession" and children's musical "The Three Little Pigs". From 2013 taught vocal at Moscow Gubernsky Theatre, since 2014 has been performing there.

Has toured extensively across Russia and beyond: Moldova, the Ukraine, Trans-Dniester, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, North America. Since 2012 collaborates with Beryozka ensemble.

Since 2013 works as MRP's soloist, collaborates with The Russian Timbre and Russkiye Uzory ensembles. In 2014 with The Russian Timbre presented Moscow region at the Winter Olympics in Sochi. Yuliya performs vocal series "Women's stories" written by the leader of the ensemble Mr. Kuzminsky (to the verse of Larisa Rubalskaya). The singer also works alongside composers Astrova, Markelov, Belyayev, and Pyankov.