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21 октября

Gainullin’s anniversary recital at MIHM

Gainullin’s anniversary recital at MIHM

On 20 October internationally acclaimed bayan player, renowned vocalist and composer, Honored Artist of Tatarstan Republic Aidar Gainullin delivered a spectacular anniversary recital at Svetlanov Hall of MIHM, making his debut as MRP’s soloist.

MRP’s CEO I. Yanbukhtin and Deputy Special Envoy of Tatarstan Republic A. Akhtareev spoke words of welcome and presented Gainullin with the medal ordered by the Embassy to mark 110th anniversary of poet Musa Dzhalil. The poet’s daughter Chulpan Zalilova and grandson Mikhail attended the event.

The recital featured celebrated artists and virtuoso musicians: leaders of MRP’s Centre for Ethnic Music Development, Honored Artists of Russia Andrey (double bass) and Mikhail (piano) Ivanov, Borislav Strulev (cello), Artyom Dervoed (guitar), Sergey Shamov (kakhon, percussions), Gayk Kazazyan (violin), Mikhail Dzudze (double bass balalaika), Vladislav Lavrik (trumpet), Honored Artist of Tatarstan Republic Roza Habibullina (vocal), and singer Malika.

MRP’s ensembles and soloists also partook in the festivity: MRP’s State Choir, “Instrumental Capella” (conducted by Vyacheslav Valeev), “Russkiye Uzory” (conducted by Oleg Tarasov), “Russian Timbre”, “Sadko”, pianist Oleg Kalagurov, and “Euphoria” ensemble set up by Mr. Gainullin.

Presented by the charming Yana Churikova, the recital covered a vast array of genres and styles: tango, classical, jazz, rock, folk, ethnic and world music. Works by Bach, Vivaldi, Piazzolla, Monti, and Schnittke were performed along with the pieces composed by A. Gainullin and A. Ivanov. 

See photos (by Olga Turovtseva)