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I International Festival “Crossing Time”

I International Festival “Crossing Time”

Year of Culture. Continued
International Festival "Crossing Time"

Moscow Region Philharmonic and Culture Department of Moscow region presented the first annual international festival called "CROSSING TIME". The festival was officially opened at Barvikha Luxury Village Concert Hall on 1 December 2014 and held on 1 – 8 December 2014.


1 December at 6 pm Gala Concert "Year of Culture. Continued... CROSSING TIME". Barvikha Luxury Village Concert Hall
6 December at 6 pm Pushkino community centre
6 December at 8 pm Art-Likor Pushkin picture gallery
7 December at 3 pm Pushkino community centre
8 December at 3 pm Moscow Music College named after Prokofiev

"Crossing Time" is an interactive music social and cultural project of Moscow Region Philharmonic, the organization currently undergoing restoration. The festival combines various philharmonic genres, from classical and folk music to jazz. The idea of the festival is to show the connection between times and spiritual continuity of generations through musical images of different ages. World-class musicians presented their programs to the audiences of Moscow region from a new perspective and shared professional skills with aspiring musicians.

Gala Concert on 1 December and other concerts of the festival featured leading ensembles and soloists of Moscow Region Philharmonic: State MRP's Choir, Guslars of Russia, Russkiye Uzory, Sadko, Instrumental Capella, Russian Timbre, Alyabyev Quartet as well as Honored artists of Russia Alexander Ghindin (piano), and Ivanov brothers, Andrey (contrabass-solo) and Mikhail (piano).
Symphony Capella led by Polyansky, conductor Dmitri Kryukov, Art-project "Tenors of the 21st century", people's artists of Russia Maxim Dunayevsky, Vasily Gerello and others also performed as friends and partners. There were a few guest musicians from Russia and beyond: Denis Shvytov (saxophone), Fyodor Andreyev (drums), Vartan Babayan (drums), Vladimir Luiso (piano), Polina Orbakh (vocal), Jaga Samba (percussion/Senegal), and special guest Gyle Waddy (vocal/USA).

The alliance of the brilliant improvising musicians Mikhail and Andrey Ivanov, soloists of Moscow Region Philharmonic, formed the artistic core of the festival.

The performance of Afro-American singer Gyle Waddy became one of the high points of the festival. His education opened him up to different facets – singer, actor, choreographer, poet, showman, and composer. He wrote over 700 songs, and a lot of them have been recorded by such names as Peter Mann, Timmy Thomas, George McCrea, Laura Fabian, and others. He played in the film "The Wiz" with Diana Ross and Mikhail Jackson and "Busting" with Charles Bronson. His repertoire features popular jazz standards and works in the genre of soul, fusion, jazz rock, sympho house, and disco, as well as his own works. When performing, Waddy puts on a real show.

On 6 December Pushkino community centre hosted Gala concert featuring Russkiye Uzory orchestra (Moscow Region Philharmonic), honored artists of Russia Andrey and Mikhail Ivanov, finalist of TV contest "Big Jazz" Denis Shvytov (saxophone), participant of "Golos" project Polina Orbakh, excellent drummer Vartan Babayan, African-American singer Gyle Waddy, and Jaga Samba (percussion, Senegal).

In the evening a sophisticated program of traditional jazz and music by different authors was presented at the atmospheric Art Likor picture gallery.

On 7 December Pushkino community centre presented Symphojazz program titled "From Vivaldi to Duke Ellington – Classics and Jazz". Virtuoso musicians, "Instrumental Capella", and "Hermitage" ensemble led by Alexander Ghindin were featured in the program alongside Andrey and Mikhail Ivanov.

The festival closed on 8 December with a workshop concert titled "How Music Is Born" at the musical college of Pushkino town.

Guests met on 1 December at 5 pm, starting time 6 pm.
Exclusive interviews opportunity.


Barvikha Luxury Village Concert Hall
8th km of Rublevo-Uspenskoye highway
Odintsovo district, Moscow region, Barvikha village 114 bldg. 1

Pushkino community centre
Pushkino town, Nekrasova str. 3

Art Likor picture gallery, Pushkino
50-letiya Komsomola str. 1

Soloists featured in the festival:

Brothers Andrew (contrabass) and Mikhail (piano) Ivanov – an alliance of two outstanding musicians, winners of Grand Prix at EuroJazzContest in Brussels, Honored artists of Russia, winners of Moscow City Government Art and Literature Award (2010), winners of Russian Government Culture Award (2013), well-known in this country and beyond. Sticking to the genre of symphojazz, they work successfully on developing this genre in Moscow and throughout the country. Their personal subscription series at Moscow State Academic Philharmonic "Symphojazz of Ivanov Brothers" is one of the most attended concerts in the capital and has its own audience.

Alexander Ghindin is Honored artist of Russia, artistic director of "Instrumental Capella" and "Hermitage" ensemble of soloists.
Alexander Ghindin is an acclaimed highly gifted contemporary pianist. He was born in Moscow in 1977. At 17 before entering the Conservatory Ghindin had become the youngest award winner of the International Tchaikovsky Competition in Moscow and one of the most sought-after pianists of his generation.
In 1999 he won the 2nd Award at the International Piano Competition named after Queen Elizabeth in Brussels. This success started off his intensive concert activity as pianist. Ghindin became the winner of the 2007 Cleveland International Piano Competition (USA) and got booked for 50 concerts in the USA. According to the critics he "has made a stunning impression, revealing authoritative artistry that renders every performance a special event" (Art and Life).
In July 2010 Alexander Ghindin became the winner of the International Piano Competition of Santa-Catarina state (Florianopolis, Brazil). In 2001 Ondine records released the world premiere of the original version of Rakhmaninoff's concerts performed by Alexander Ghindin with Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra led by Vladimir Ashkenazy.

Polina Orbakh is a budding star of Russian jazz. Recently she has been working in different musical genres, from traditional jazz to lounge project with her own pieces. She performs at the closing concert of the famous Crescendo festival of Denis Matsuyev and works on an album with the outstanding music arranger Igor Starikov. Her new album NEW JAZZ FLAVOUR will be released on SONY MUSIC soon.

Denis Shvytov is a saxophonist and composer based in Moscow, with a degree from Gnesin Academy of Music (saxophone), taught by the great
Alexander Oseichuk. Worked and performed alongside Larissa Dolina, Batyrkhan Shukenov, Jazz Parking Band, Victoria Pierre Marie, Sati
Kazanova, Boris Frumkin, Vadim Eilenkrig, Anton Baronin, Randy Brecker, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Deborah Brown, Alan Harris, and Synthia Scott.
Award winner of numerous jazz festivals in Russia and beyond: USA, Germany, Sweden, India, Israel, Latvia etc. In October 2013 Denis participated in the 3-day festive event related to the role of jazz music in the diplomatic relationship between USA and Russia where he played in a Russian-American band.

Vartan Babayan is a well-known percussionist with a degree from Gnesin Academy of Music (drums). Participated in Shoo, King Biscuit Blues Quintet, Anatoly Gerasimov Band, Anton Gorbunov's quintet etc.
He was featured in the latest album of Irina Bogushevskaya. Performs his own pieces with VB quintet, which he created at the beginning of 2009.

Jaga Samba (Senegal) is a professional musician and representative of Western African musical culture where Djembe originated from. Jaga has been playing drums since early childhood. He got his first musical degree from National Arts School in Senegal where he studied saxophone. Afterwards he went on to study in Russia at Gnesin Music Institute in Moscow. Currently he's focused on developing African music in Russia. Jaga participates as percussionist in Afrikanda band featuring songs and dances of different African peoples. For seven years Serigne Jaga Samba has been helping his students understand and feel the vibe of African music. His first name, Serigne, means "Teacher".