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25 сентября

Moscow Region Philharmonic

Moscow Region Philharmonic

On 28 September Moscow Region Philharmonic opens its new season at Tchaikovsky Memorial Museum.

In the “The Holiday of Music” program Moscow City Symphony – Russian Philharmonic will premiere Igor Raikhelson’s concert for piano and orchestra in Russia played by the world-class pianist Boris Berezovsky, to whom the work is dedicated. The concert will also feature George Gershwin’s works “Rhapsody in Blue” and “An American in Paris”, and “Sado” symphonic poem by Tolib-khon Shakhidi. For the first time the orchestra performs under the baton of Hobart Earle (USA). “We can surely say the restoration of Moscow Regional Philharmonic will make a huge difference to the musical life of the region. A modern concert organization growing rapidly will define the cultural image of the Moscow region to a large extent,” points out the Culture Minister of the Moscow region Oleg Rozhnov. “A chance for people to hear and see world-renowned musicians in their towns, get to know the best classical works at thematic concerts will now be real. Besides, the philharmonic which is currently based in Moscow soon will move to the Moscow region, to the Odintsovo district,” Oleg Rozhnov explains, “The restored philharmonic has got a new venue at the multi-purpose complex “Barvikha Luxury Village”. The concert hall in the regional complex is equal to the best world-class venues in terms of infrastructure. Its space can be reconfigured easily to create both an intimate atmosphere and an air of grandeur when organizing concerts and shows. The history of Moscow Regional Philharmonic dates back to the wartime year 1943. In 2003 it was disbanded.

After a 10-year break it appeared again on the cultural map of the Moscow region. On 19 August 2013 a decree was issued by the Moscow region Government to create Moscow Region Philharmonic. The restored philharmonic faces the task of creating a fully functioning music organization keeping balance between classical, folk, and popular music, as well as delivering an artistic product meeting the highest standards to audiences across the Moscow region. Currently there is a lot of work going on: the philharmonic is getting a new look, the repertoire is being updated; both acclaimed and young gifted musicians are being engaged. The creative workings of unique ensembles within the philharmonic are being preserved and improved. The new concert season 2014-2015 will have a comprehensive concert line-up. The concert activities will consist of two parts − regular concerts played by home ensembles and guest partners and target projects covering various topics. An educational series for kids with the use of modern technologies, including “Tale in Russian Music” with video projections, will be one of the projects. A symphonic project observing the anniversaries of Dunayevsky father and son is being prepared, too: the 70th birthday of Maxim Isaacovich and the 115th birthday of Isaac Osipovich. The 70th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War will be highlighted in the calendar.

On 25 September a press conference took place in the Press Center of “Russia Today”, its motto being “The Restoration of Moscow Region Philharmonic”. The revival of the philharmonic, the balance between classical, folk, and pop music in the comprehensive line-up, and culture of the Moscow region in general have been the focus of discussion between the Culture Minister of the Moscow region Oleg Rozhnov, Director of Moscow Regional Philharmonic Ilgiz Yanbukhtin, People’s Artist of Russia Maxim Dunayevsky, and Honoured Artist of Russia musician Andrey Ivanov. Minister Oleg Rozhnov is positive that Moscow Regional Philharmonic will make a huge difference to the cultural life of the region. Regional ensembles within the philharmonic are well-known not only throughout the region and country, but abroad as well. “That doesn’t mean we can be complacent,” head of the philharmonic Ilgiz Yanbukhtin says. “We have to work, create and bring to life what we have in mind.”
“Horizons of Culture” magazine, 25 September 2014

Karina Tivanova